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Switch on – Reach out – Party on.

Live events require unique technology services and solutions to meet the demands of organisers and attendees.

Temporary events held in locations with little or no infrastructure pose additional challenges.

But there is a way. GET high density (HD) event Wi-Fi will connect your event, production crew, media, security team and audience to the outside world.

Our end-to-end event technology services are created specifically to meet the requirements of you and your customers.

GET solutions go way beyond event Wi-Fi. Rapid deployment of all the networking, fibre, and power to enable not only Wi-Fi but any service which can benefit from a

10Gig redundant fibre platform.


Indoor, outdoor, greenfield, stadium, pop-up or permanent, our Wi-Fi has covered it all.

From a temporary sporting event with over 300,000 spectators to a more intimate VIP media event, we have provided solutions in over 20 countries.

As users require bandwidth for more media rich applications, the challenge to the event organiser is keeping up with demand.

For anyone who has already committed to a wireless deployment, simply adding new access points to increase bandwidth is not always possible without a negative impact on the original solution.

The result? Upgrade costs that can be disproportionality high.
GET not only provide the latest generation HD Wi-Fi but the technology makes it simple to add additional APs as demand or budget increases, without any impact on the original deployment. Upgrades in proportion to the requirement.

GET provide the full HD Wi-Fi end-to-end service to include:
  • Develop technical requirement
  • Review of current LAN design
  • Comprehensive RF & LAN design
  • Enterprise Class Wireless Access Equipment – latest generation APs (802.11AC&N)
  • Installation service
  • Maintenance and support

Monetise fan engagement

Looking to drive additional revenue? GET-2gether is a commercial solution which offsets the cost of installing wireless equipment. Find out how we can help you engage with fans and increase revenue here [link]